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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

First Lace

Pattern : Branching Out
Yarn: KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in Mist, about 2/3 skein (250-300 yds?) for 38 pattern repeats.
Needles: size 7

I have to admit, I was hating this at first. Couldn't get used to knitting with thread, basically, couldn't read my knitting, lost and gained stitches every fourth row or so . . . really frustrating, not so relaxing at all. But about two thirds of the way in, I started to get it, where the stitches were going, why a ssk here and a k2tog there, and then, it was over. On to blocking, loving the lace, and wanting more. Way more.

So nice, I did it twice.

Pattern: Fetching from
Yarns: KnitPicks Andean Treasure in Lilac, KnitPicks Ambrosia in Fog
Needles: Size 5

Having been given a quickie demonstration of knitting in the round on two circular needles from Daria at the New York Knitting Meetup, I was impatient to try it. I also had a test skein of Andean Treasure waiting, so I went for it! The Andean Treasure is a dream to work with, so much so that I ordered five skeins in Embers to make a scarf/shawl with. Along with the ribs it also hides the ladders I got from not tightening my stitches enough. But it does stretch out a bit and is very warm, so I don't know if I'm going to go for a sweater in it.

I decided to knit it again with the Ambrosia (quickie present for a friend.) Much more definition, and the yarn holds the stitches better. Thought of adding fingers -another challenge- but kept thinking of dingy fingertips on the light yarn. Uh-uh. Better to let her show her (nail polish) colors.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rogue is Finished!

Finally Rogue is finished, just in time for the really cold weather in NYC. Hunny is happy, he's even modeling:

Pattern: Rogue from
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (100% wool) in Mist
Needles: size 8 (7 for hem)

I left the twisted stockinette hem down, it seemed less girlie than with a finished clean hem. Otherwise I went with the instructions, lots of techniques beyond my comfort zone with this one, but just going step by step with the pattern (and the hood grafting instructions!) worked wonders.

This took forever but wow, it's amazing. I'm very happy with how it turned out!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Summer's over - waaah!

General laziness and summer heat had reduced my creative output to work and things like this:

Yes, I (and my team of preteen accomplices) spent the better part of a day covering Grandad's wood panelling with leopard print.

But now that it's getting cooler my knitting is out again. I've reacquainted myself with Rogue's charts and am getting that body done. I'm on chart B now working the first bit of throat. I promise I'll post when the front is done.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

nyc knitting . . . or not.

Ok, before I rant, here is Rogue's pocket - attached and relieved to have a home.

It figures - soon as I join the NYC Knitters ring, I'm out of NYC half the time, and too burnt to knit other times. Too burnt to knit?? How can this be??

Well, knitting can require thinking, especially if there's a chart involved, which there is on this project. Add some sleep deprivation and a few 14 hour work days (with teenagers) and you've pretty much got me not able to focus so well - mentally or visually!

Which brings me to another creative aside: restoration. When I'm travelling and burnt, I often still want to do something, something relaxing that may add up to some progress at some time in the future. It's part of a knitter's psyche, I think, to want all the mundane moments to add up to something. And it's good to do something that helps me focus down from all the "stuff", stop my mind from chattering and help me relax. And if it's somewhat creative, all the better.

Discovered in the SLC airport: coloring books. Better than a bad movie or a celebrity gossip magazine, focusing but not taxing at all, the hardest part is just pulling them out in public and silently declaring, yes, people, this is a coloring book, and I am going to color for the next few hours. But it was awesome, easy enjoyment, the colors were refreshing to my eyes, and soothing to my psyche. Who knew?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Rogue on the road

Rogue's coming along, his pocket is attached and he awaits more body work. Bringing the folder and sweater on the plane was not so dramatic, except for not dropping them while running to make my connection. And having an empty seat beside me, while not necessary, helped.

Since the light's not great here today the picture comes from Butte, Montana, where I had the pleasure of working for two days.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

On Monogamy

I love watching other knitters' blogs with their plethora of projects: socks for the subway, arans for rainy days, and fair isle for really getting down to work. But it's just not working out that way for me. It seems I can only wrap my brain around one knitting pattern at a time. Now it's on Rogue - and Rogue alone. I was thinking what I should bring on next biz trip - something easier? - finish Branching out? - Calla would be light and easy to carry, right?

But the truest answer is: bring the folder and work on Rogue. Not the lightest or the simplest. But it's where my head's at, in knitting anyway. And it's nice to feel that whatever other million things I've got going on in my mind or in my life, the knitting's there to pick up where I left off. And not reconfigure my brain to what the yarn and pattern want every time I pick up a finished object different project. It makes it easier to finish what I started, too. Nothing like a finished object to make me feel like a real (if not multi-projected) knitter.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dancing is yoga . . .

. . . or so I tell myself on the way out!

Since Rogue is not feeling camera-ready today, the pic is from going to my friend Fred's (aka The Kooky Scientist) show at the Sullivan Room Saturday.

But Rogue is around, his pocket is knitted but not the body it attaches to. He feels a bit . . bare. But hunny is liking everything about him so far.